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A Hand Pressed Stone

We offer a range of capabilities, one of a kind pieces made to order classically made out of our proprietary material

CercaTrova ®.   We have completed a range of projects across North America. 

Material capabilities include custom staircases, countertops, interior & exterior cladding, tiles, backsplashes, fireplace mantles, venthoods, flooring and exterior elements.  Our pressed stone product surpasses other cast products in artistry and application.  -Chris & Laura

​​​​ ​C E R C A  T R O V A ®   

CercaTrova ® is a hand pressed stone made with the centuries old Scagliola method of making a stone-like product that has been used by artisans for centuries.  The Scagliola technique came into formative use in 17th-century Tuscany as a substitute for costly marble inlays, the pietra dura works created for the Medici family in Florence. Using oxide pigments and other natural coloring agents the product maintains high integrity artistically. 

CercaTrova allows flexibility for the application in areas where natural stone may not be as readily cost-effective or applicable by nature.  It is a hard material that is water-resistant once treated with a sealer and wax.  Its timeless beauty and classic inspiration continue to inspire our design team. Used in combination with many architects and designer specification packages CercaTrova maintains the highest of standards and integrity of material.  Our standard care and maintenance package consists of a two-year manufacturer warranty.  

Our materials are making their way to market in the US this year one by one.  Please inquire for a distributor or supplier near you.  

General Retail Pricing:  Available Now through our approved distributors.  

​CT Stone™: Looks Like Concrete.  Acts Like Stone.  This sister material to CercaTrova® is available now project by project in a simple form it takes on the needed natural characteristics with more strength. Available by the slab through our distributors now as a finished product.  

CercaTrova®: Veined through the surface by hand, this collection of color matched natural pigments add surface value in tandem or combination.  Available to you in our classic patterns or to match your custom specifications our expert team is able to layer silver leaf, gold leaf throughout the material creating natural inclusions.